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Product Review Video: Witch I love Your Hair's "Magic Mist"

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

My FIRST product review video!! I'm so excited to do this unboxing / product review video for you guys. It's on my new favorite product I discovered a few months ago! It's the Witch I Love Your Hair Magic Mist! It's important to SHAKE THIS UP before use to disperse and mix the ingredients!

Watch My Review and Demo Video!!

Their website: www.witchiloveyourhair.com

Their Instagram & FB: @witchiloveyourhair

Ingredients: Mountain Water (double filtered), Lavender oil*, Peppermint oil*, Rosemary oil*, Jamaican Black Castor oil*, Argan oil*. Quartz crystals inside every bottle to mix the oil and water together! *=USDA Organic

Have you tried WILHY Magic Mist? Let me know how you use it if you have!! Leave me a comment with any questions you have! :)

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