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My top 10 products discovered in 2020 (That I now can't live without!)

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You know those products you discover and want to tell ALL your friends about? 😍 Like HOW did you even go your whole life without knowing they existed type of feels?!

Well that is what I will be sharing with you in today's blog post! All the magical things I discovered in 2020 when I had plenty of time to online shop during quarantine...😅 LOL.

I wanted to introduce myself and say my name is Kaydee 🤗 I’m a licensed cosmetologist who loves making hair and beauty blog posts and videos. They have a focus on all things natural, non-toxic, and holistic. 🌿 Thanks for being here, and let’s get right into today’s blog post!

My top 10 products I discovered in 2020

that I now can't live without!

(Click product name or photo to bring you to a link to purchase!)

1. The Makeup Eraser Cloth- 7 Day Mini set . These bad boys remove my makeup with just water! You rub it over your makeup and put the used cloth in a hamper bag and wash when you use them all up! Awesome sustainable way to create less single-use makeup wipes waste. They come in this cute lemon 🍋 pattern now (jealous), since mine were a weird neon orange color (also didn't get a headband!! 😔)

2. ILIA Beauty's Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint in the shade "Fresco". GUYSSSS.. I got this in their kit they had that included their Limitless Lash Mascara (which is already a fav) and their liquid liner and boyyy, these 3 are a fire combo 🔥. This tint dries quickly, but I don't use any primer and it lasted me 13 hours with NO creasing or smudging! 😱

3. Badger's Classic Lip Balm in "Vanilla-Madagascar." I know what you're thinking.. a lip balm? This is 2020, and you're discovering a lip balm? 🙄 Well HOLD UP and stop the judgement until you've tried it!! This organic natural lip blam has your girl's lips soft AF and it smells / tastes amazing. They have a big size (that I keep in my purse) and the standard small one (pictured to the right) that I keep at my vanity cause you have to have more than 1 lip balm 😂.

4. Andalou Natural's Shea Cocoa Butter hand cream in lavender scent. This stuff has been a LIFE SAVER since I've been washing my hands 20x more thanks to everything going on this year. It absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue, and has a nice soft scent. 🙌🏼 It looks like it is currently out of stock online, but I've bought it at Whole Foods if you want to grab one. The bottle is perfect size to fit right in my purse, too! 👌🏼

5. Trader Joe's Hand Sanitizer Spray in the scent Grapefruit and Lemon. I had to add a hand sanitizer in the mix cause, pandemic vibes 😷. This one smells great and is more natural based while not leaving any weird residues. Unfortunately, it's not sold online. The link I provided leads to a Trader Joe's store locator. I saw it's being sold on Amazon, but do not purchase from them!! It appears as though buyers are saying it's fake, and it's also extremely overpriced! 😰

6. RMS Beauty's "Un"Cover-Up Foundation in the shade 11.5 . I got a sample of this and I was shocked at how great of a finish it had! I hateeee wearing foundation, and usually I am a concealer only gal, but I wanted to be *glam* for Thanksgiving (since it was the only time I could do a full face and not wear a mask 😂) and LOVED how light weight this was! Description directly from their website: "A rich nourishing cream foundation that provides natural buildable coverage with a flawless, lightweight, luminous finish."

7. Cocokind Skincare's Turmeric Tonic Spot Treatment This stuff has been an absolute life saver!!! If you have acne-prone skin or scarring, this is your new BFF. I rub it on when I have a new pimple coming in and it helps diminish it, or if I pop one (yeah, we all do it, okay! 😅) .

This helps with speeding up the scaring and healing. It can leak a little, but they are reformulating so that it doesn't do that anymore! Buy online from them, or it may be at Whole Foods and Target. (Unsure if this is an online only product).

8. Aluram Beauty's Styling Cream This is a new product line to the salon I work at, and all I can say is WOW--I think this is my new curly / wavy hair holy grail product 😍. It's like a gel mixed with a cream. A little goes a long way and it provides enough hold for my looser / finer curls without weighing them down. My curls definitely last 2 days longer now with this product! ➿➿

The only downside is it does smell a little like men's cologne, but you get used to the scent. Benefits of the product outweigh that factor in my opinion! Super affordable line as well!

9. LOBKIN Hair Dryer Blow-dry Brush,- Hot Air Brush Straightener Brush One Step Dryer & Straighten & Curl Volumizer Comb. My coworker bought one of these and told me I needed it in my life, and man was she right!! Since I have fine, thiner hair, this made my curls straight and fully dried my hair in 10 minutes 😱. I was shook. I would probably go back in with a straightener to get the hairline curls really straight (and maybe smooth the top layer) but hey- for 10 minutes and like $25? I'll take it! 🙌🏼

10. LETSCOM Dimmable Desk Selfie 10-inch LED Ringlight with tripod and phone stand. I know this isn't technically a "beauty product" but this has been a game changer for makeup application in a dim / dark room. 🤩 Nice and small and fits right on my desk but tucks away and easily stored when not in use!

It has bluetooth compatibility so you can take photos from your phone (when you attach it to the phone holder) by clicking the button on the remote! Perfect for selfies or if you like to make tutorials. Only downside is you need a USB plug to plug it into the outlet.

What are some of your favorite products you discovered in 2020? I hope this post gave you some ideas for holiday gifts for your loved ones or yourself! 😉 See you in the next blog post or YouTube Video! 💕

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xoxo -Kaydee

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