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My MUST-HAVE "curly girl" travel items!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Going on a vacation soon? ✈️ Need to pack for a plane and have to be restricted on the size of your products?

I have created this list of my TOP curly girl essentials for traveling (that work for my hair type, that is!).

I am going to Mexico to visit my Uncle and decided this would be a fun blog post! I also made you guys a curly-haired check list so you won’t forget any of the essentials! 📝

1. Travel sized AG Balance Shampoo + Boost Conditioner:

Since I won't be gone for more than 1 week, these will be plenty of product. Perfect size for being allowed to bring on the plane, too! I got these size bottles in their Healthy Hair Starter Kit, which would be perfect for travel since all the products are small sizes!

If you don't want to buy travel size, these are at the dollar store to fill up from your big bottles of products!

2. Witch I Love Your Hair Magic Mist (travel size)

As I sit here at the airport waiting to board, I realize I totally should have brought a travel size Witch I Love Your Hair Magic Mist in my carry-on AND a full size in my checked bag! 🤣 #obsessed . But oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will be using this mist after the shower, to refresh, to cool down when I’m hot, to soothe any sunburn, and to help alleviate itchiness from any bug bites I may get!

3. AG's Cloud Mousse (full size)

Since there is no travel size for AG's Cloud Mousse (at least not that I’m aware of?) I had to put this in my checked bag. All I’ve been using recently after the shower is WILYH mist and this! I knew I wanted to downsize my routine on vaca, so I had to skip out on a few products—but this one was a must have!

4. John Master's Organic's Hair Spray (travel size)

I haven’t been in a humid environment since last time I was in Mexico (which was 2013, PRE-curly girl hair!) I typically don’t use hair spray, but since I honestly don’t know how my hair is going to be on this trip, I wanted this mini size hair spray in my bag!

5. Hair Pick

Gotta pick it out! I’m sure my hair will dry fast in the heat there, so I’m gonna bring this to help kick up the volume. I got this at the dollar store in a pack of other combs!

6. Mini Hair Brush

I know some curlies will be shocked that I bring a brush, but I like to get all the product buildup off my scalp and strands prior to getting in the shower. This also helps detangle my hair. My curl pattern is on the tighter side, so brushing doesn’t effect them much. I've had this brush for years LOL. My favorite travel brush!

7. Bobbi Pins (Big and Small)

Travel hack: Empty out a salt or pepper jar and put your regular or mini size bobbi pins in them! It secures them so they’re all together!

8. Big "Clamp"Clip

I like to use this when I quickly want to keep my hair out of the way on the plane or to help me keep my hair together when sleeping! I can't remember where I bought it though, sorry!

9. Soft Big Scrunchie

Obviously we need a scrunchie for those top knots and when sleeping! Got this in a 2-pack at the dollar store.

10. Wide Tooth Comb

In the shower I will use this to detangle and distribute conditioner, and outside the shower I will use it to distribute products. Yeah, half of the smaller side broke.. but I actually like that, because it allows me to fit it into a smaller bag LOL.

11. Silk or Satin Scarf

This one is for the plane ride and at your destination. You could wrap it around the top of the plane's chair (or car chair) or you can just wrap the scarf around your head and wear it like I do!

This reduces the friction of you rubbing your head back and forth on the chair head. It's also good to help the dry air not get to your head as easily in the plane. It's great if you don't have a satin pillow case, because you can tie it over your pillow to act as one. I got mine on amazon. Just search "silk/satin scarf".

12. Mini clamp clips and mini scrunchie

I can't remember where I bought this pink container...but I think it may have been at the Container store? The dollar store has random things like this as well, so I would check there first.

It's the perfect size to fit mini-clamp clips and mini scrunchies! Perfect for half up styles and sleeping.

13. Shower Cap

Since I won't be washing my hair everyday, it was obviously needed for me to bring a shower cap!

14. Cotton T-Shirt

I will use this to dry my hair and to "plop" after washing my hair! If you want to see my new 2019 after the shower hair routine, click here.

15. Silk / satin pillowcase

I think we can all agree that a satin pillowcase from the Dollar Store won't be the BEST quality in the world, but when you're on a budget and in a pinch, it works great! Bring this to ensure reduced friction while sleeping.

Phew, that's everything! All packed and ready to go!

Have something you LOVE to travel with that didn't make it on my list? Let me know in the comments below to help other curlies out and share our tips!

xoxo -Kaydee

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