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Healthy Hair Series Part 3: Eight Effortless Hair Hacks for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hey Everyone!

I'm back for part 3 of this #HealthyHairSeries that's jammed packed with free info! If you haven't already checked out Part 2 of this series, click here for "5 Easy Recipes to Grow Beautiful Healthy Hair"!

In today's post, I'll be sharing my favorite easy and effortless hair hacks for maintaining healthy hair! So many clients sit in my chair and never realize there are simple things they can change that can drastically effect the health of their hair overall.

These are eight generalized tips for any hair type, but I will have another blog post in the future in regards how to tell which type of hair you have and offer specific tips for each one!

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Whenever I have a new client in my chair at the salon, there's a few basic things I like to ask them during the consultation:

  1. How often do you wash your hair?

  2. Do you have a sensitive or itchy scalp?

  3. Do you blow dry your hair, or do you let it air dry?

  4. Do you use a flat iron or straightener often?

  5. Is your hair easy for you to manage on a daily basis?

  6. Are you using professional hair products / any products besides shampoo and conditioner?

With this information, I usually formulate a hair routine for them based off of their individual needs and hair type. Any of my clients reading this—remember me asking you these questions?

Here are some of my favorite tips I tell clients that will work for anyone to maintain healthy hair all year long:

1. Don't wash your hair every day.

Yes, I said it! Washing your hair every day can dry out your scalp and strip the natural sebum(oil) that is produced to condition your scalp and strands. This can disrupt your acid mantle (that basically helps naturally protect against things going whack with your scalp) which can lead to scalp issues. Unhealthy scalp=unhealthy hair!

2. For detangling wet hair, use a wide tooth comb or wet brush.

Don't reach for that brush after the shower! Wet hair can stretch up to 50% more than dry hair. Think of a paper towel- when it's dry, it can be tugged and not break in half easily. When it's wet, it can be ripped with barely any effort!

Instead of using a brush when it's wet after the shower, try brushing your hair when it is dry before you even get in the shower! If your hair is too curly to run a brush through it, put some conditioner, prepoo product, or oil to get some slip.Shampoo like usual and then try using a wide-tooth comb after applying the conditioner while in the shower to detangle!

3. Don't use your body towel to dry your hair.

Using a regular fuzzy body towel can absorb too much of the precious moisture you want to keep in your hair! Try using a T-shirt or microfiber towel instead! Air drying in the least damaging option. If your hair takes a while to dry, air dry for as long as possible, then use low heat and finish off with the cool setting!

4. Don't rub the towel back and forth to dry your hair. I know this goes with the last one—but do not rub your hair back and forth!! If you have curly hair, scrunch it with the towel. If you have straight hair, grab and squeeze the excess water out. Rubbing back and forth will creation a ton of friction and frizz, which can also cause breakage that no one wants!

5. Don't go to bed with wet hair.

Your scalp has a ton of hair on it.. even if you have thin hair! Laying your head flat on a pillow while your hair is still wet at the scalp can create a breading ground for bacteria on your pillow and possibly on your scalp, if it isn't getting enough air flow.

Also, tying in with tip #2, wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Sleeping involves moving your head back and forth for hours. Imagine all that friction! Friction + wet hair + a cotton pillow case = damage! Try a silk pillow case for less friction!

6. Don't leave the house with wet hair!

Your hair is more susceptible to damage and can dry out faster if you're outside in very cold temperatures. Your hair can literally freeze if it's that cold out! It can also dry your scalp out and cause dry flakes. If you desperately need to leave the house, try wrapping it in a silk scarf and putting it in a cute knit hat until you can get to your destination. Unless it's warm out, keep the wet hair indoors!

7. Use a soft satin "90's scrunchie" as much as possible.

Photo from blog post: https://www.byrdie.com/slip-silk-scrunchies--5aa7f85787c57

Those thin black elastics can be too tight and cause damage from bending the hair in different directions. A satin scrunchie is best! You can even use it to sleep in. Tilt your head upside down, gather all your hair to the highest point on your head, and put it in a pony tail to sleep! Less tangles=less damage!

8. Don't use unprofessional hair products.

No, I'm not just saying you have to buy the products directly from the salon. There are high quality products for sale else where. Just make sure it doesn't have silicones and is a balanced pH. Our skin and scalp should ideally have a pH of about 5.5!

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