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My 5 Week Hair Product Review: Innersense Organic Beauty

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hey everyone! New product review coming at ya for the company Innersense Organic Beauty!

On my search for less toxic hair products, I came across Innersense Organic Beauty some where through Instagram I think last year. I've wanted to try them for a while, but I'm not the type to buy new products without finishing my current ones.

They were doing a sale for cosmetologists (I think around Thanksgiving?) and I just could not pass up the awesome deal! 😍 I ordered the hair kit for fine to normal hair types. This blog post will share hair photos from 5 weeks with each wash day & my thoughts after each wash!

This kit included:

1️⃣Pure Harmony Hairbath shampoo (10 fl oz)

2️⃣Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner (10 fl oz)

3️⃣Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner (10 fl oz)

4️⃣I Create Lift Volumizing Foam (6 fl oz)

(Products in order from left to right in photo)

I've been using only these 4 Innersense products plus my Witch I Love Your Hair "magic mist" 💫 (because I don't think I'll ever stop using WILYH haha) for a total of 5 weeks. I wanted to give it time before giving any opinions on them!

My First Wash Day Impressions (12/13/2018) were:

(Had to diffuse instead of air dry for this wash day, which for me makes for looser curls as the day goes on. My hair holds the curl best if I air dry 100%!)

1️⃣The shampoo smells so GOOD— like candy 😋🍭 2️⃣The conditioner has a PUMP dispenser (hell yasss 🙌🏼) 3️⃣My wet hair in the shower felt moisturized after applying the conditioner. 4️⃣The leave-in spray probably works best if sprayed in your hands first 🤲🏻 (for most even distribution). The smell isn’t my favorite compared to the other products to be honest. 5️⃣The volumizing foam helped seal it all together and give volume!

Second Wash Day (12/15/18) Impressions:

My curls were really struggling all of December. It's just dry cold air here in Rhode Island! So I decided to wash my hair again 2 days after my first wash, which I usually never do (it was my job's Christmas party that night, so I wanted my curls to be poppin 💁🏻‍♀️). I added a lot more conditioner than I typically would.

1️⃣My curls were finally coming back to life! 🙌🏼

2️⃣My hair felt moisturized and bouncy!

3️⃣I sprayed the leave-in conditioner into my hands first 🤲🏻, then distributed into my hair.

4️⃣I put the volumizing foam in section by section upside down for maximum volume.

Third Washday -and haircut!- (12/22/18) Impressions:

I got my hair trimmed again (had a trim in mid November) to try to help with my curls! 💇🏻‍♀️ (I did the same order of product application as I did for the second wash day.)

1️⃣I think my curls sprung up a bit and had nice curl clumps!🙌🏼

2️⃣My hair felt moisturized and bouncy!

3️⃣Scalp felt clean, but not dry. The video cuts off for some reason, so if you'd like to see the full thing, click here to see the facebook post!

Fifth Co-Wash (1/14/19) Impressions:

So I only took a video for the fourth wash day and it was in my Instagram stories so I can't add it to the blog post unfortunately! 👎🏼

I actually washed my hair on 1/13, but my curls are not lasting past wash day during these cold dry months. I decided to co-wash (only use conditioner in the shower) for this day. They needed the added moisture!

1️⃣I liked how my roots were more curly than usual.

2️⃣I think I over did it with the products and put too much. It was stringy by the end of the day.

3️⃣Scalp was good because I only used conditioner on ends.

Sixth Wash Day (1/18/19) Impressions:

1️⃣My curls felt moisturized but were a little looser than usual.

2️⃣The curls actually held up over night for day 2, which hasn't happened in a while.🙌🏼

3️⃣Scalp felt clean, but not dry or tight.

4️⃣Still figuring out the perfect amount of each product for that perfect moisturized feel but not making it stringy / greasy looking.

Final Thoughts and Opinions on the Brand

1️⃣Overall I love these products and think they worked great for my fine and thin curly hair! They gave moisture while most of the time not being too heavy.

2️⃣I think the leave-in spray works best if you spray it into your hands first and then distribute it, but if you don't have fine and thin hair, you will be okay. I just get paranoid it will be too heavy if it sprays in one spot thick!

3️⃣I used about 1/4th of the shampoo and a little more than 1/4th of the conditioner over these 5 weeks. On average, I was my hair 1-2x a week.

4️⃣I used the leave-in first, then the foam second for every wash except one. I didn't like the results from using the foam first. (I tested it out one time just to experiment!)

5️⃣I used about 1/4th of leave-in and foam as well. In theory, since this was how much I used in 5 weeks, these products would last me about 20 weeks (4-5 months) if I continue to use the same amount.

6️⃣I love the fact that they try to use organic, natural, and non-toxic ingredients without compromising the effectiveness of the products!

Where to Buy the Products

If you want to check out these products for yourself, they have a "Boost Body Hair Ceremony" kit on their website. The kit includes the 4 products I talk about, plus "I Create Finish" which is a non-aerosol hairspray. I totally wish I could've tried the hairspray! I think there may be some type of new customer discount code? I would search for it!

This is a screen shot directly from their website www.innersensebeauty.com

The kit comes to a total of $138.00 (before any tax or shipping if that applies to your order). I know what you're thinking- Kaydee, that's way too much money! But hear me out--that means each product costs $27.60 a piece. Which would mean that if these products lasted you about 20 weeks, that's $6.90/product each month on average (if it's 4 weeks/month).

I think these products are worth the investment! They nourish your hair and scalp and are free of harsh ingredients that strip moisture our curls need. I hope you found this blog post informational and helpful. Let me know if you end up trying these out for yourself!



xoxo -Kaydee

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