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Get Ready With Me: Hair & Makeup! Morning Routine Video

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Hey everyone! I thought this would be a fun video to film and for you guys to watch. It's an inside peek at my normal hair and makeup routine on days where I'm going to work! If it's my days off, I'm usually rockin' the #topknot or #nomakeup look! Let me know if you like watching videos like this!

Here's where you can get things I mention in this video:

(clicking on the words brings you directly to the link!)

1. Witch I Love Your Hair Magic Mist

2. AG Cloud Volumizing Mousse

3. Cocokind's Primer Drops in "Light"

4. Cocokind's The Colors Facial Powder in "Light"

5. Cocokind's Highlighter Set in "Mai-Light" and "Chagaglo"

6. Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara in "Black"

7. Cocokind's My Matcha Stick

8. Cocokind's Rose Water Toner

9. Living Earth Jewelry's Aura Protection, Good Luck, + Prosperity Necklace

10. Amika's Ionic Hair Dryer

xoxo -Kaydee

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