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Video: My Curly / Wavy Hair Shower Routine- {Updated 2020}

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

My most watched and requested videos are always my curly hair shower routine videos!

So that's why I have for you today 👉🏼 My NEW updated 2020 shower routine video!🚿👈🏼 During quarantine, I had a lot of time to experiment with a new wash day routine. Because hey, if it came out looking gross... no one was gonna see it at least! 😂

In today's video, I'm going to be showing you⬇⬇⬇:

1️⃣. Which products I use

2️⃣. What I do before I shower

3️⃣. How I apply products straight out of the shower

4️⃣. Wet Plopping

5️⃣. Diffusing

Incase this is the first time you’re reading one of my blog posts:

I wanted to introduce myself and say my name is Kaydee 🤗 and I’m a licensed cosmetologist. I love making hair and beauty blog posts and videos that have a focus on all things natural, non-toxic, and holistic. 🌿 Thanks for watching and let’s get right into today’s blog post!

👇🏼Watch my shower routine YouTube video below!👇🏼

Products mentioned / used in my shower routine:

(click blue words to view product)

1. A wide tooth comb / A paddle Wet Brush

2.Witch I love your hair's magic mist

3. Innersense Organic Beauty's "Sweet Spirit" Leave-in

4. Innersense Organic Beauty's "I Create Lift" volumizing foam

5. Plastic shower cap

6. Cotton T-shirt

7. Diffuser--(mine is from my school hair kit but I recommend the one linked!)

8. Amika's ionic hair dryer (can't seem to find the one I use in the video, this is the closest I could find!)

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I hope this blog post could bring you some insight on getting a better wash day! If you want to read more information on ways to keep your hair healthy, read my other blog posts in my blog's section "Hair Advice" (Click here)

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See you in the next blog post or YouTube Video! 💕

xoxo -Kaydee

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